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E-Mail : [email protected]


  • Computer Science (Bachelor)
  • Digital Forensics, Information Security (Master)


  • Digital Forensics, Incident Response
  • Software RCE
  • Python, MFC, C++ Programmer

Awards and Honors

  • 2017.08.06 : Bronze Award, Defense Science Award (Received Agency for Defense Development, South Korea)
  • 2011.04.05 : Achievement Award, Codegate 2011 (Received official commendation from Korea Information Security Agency, South Korea)
  • 2010.10.02 : IMPACT Winner and Grand Champion, DC3 Digital Forensic Challenge 2010 (DoD Cyber Crime Center, USA)
  • 2010.04.08 : Achievement Award, Codegate 2010 (Received official commendation from Knowledge and Economy Minister, South Korea)